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November 29, 2016
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February 14, 2017
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Beer trends to look out in 2017

Ready for this foaming of the mouth hopped adventure? We are, 2017 will be one of the booziest and trendiest of them all.
Here are the trends that will take American beer by storm 2017:

Fall Into Lager
Shall we said pour this beer on my pancakes. That’s right out of the potpourri-scented void came beers infused with maple syrup and are pick for 2017 fall trendiest beer is the märzen (german for march). Yes,  we know is like old news, as these Oktoberfest-ready lagers are brewed and stored till fall. This is a tradition that have endured for centuries. “I was kidding about the pancakes but be our guest” the style of this beer is a collision of crispness, caramel sweetness, and food-pairing mojo (sausages, pretzels, fried chicken) has Revolution Oktoberfest, Left Hand Oktoberfest, and Hi-Wire Zirkusfest poised to recapture fall’s throne.

samuel-adams-rebel-juiced-ipa-cansJuice it up
Do you want the bad news or the good news? what the hell here’s the bad news, IPA is no longer the ‘roided-up wrestler pile driving palates with bitterness. That’s right folks get ready for that hazy dreamboat that smoothly sails down your throat just like the Citra and Mosaic. Introducing Sam Adams Rebel Juiced, the brewery’s latest brand extension. A combination of IPA with OJ. Can’t wait!

Milk it real good
Breweries are having a cow, adding lactose and unfermentable milk sugar into their beers to increase the sweetness and body to a breakfast platter of styles. Milk Stouts are a thing of the past, with Monkey Paw’s macadamia-packed Dark Side of Paradise, 4 Hands’ cocoa nib–crammed Chocolate Milk Stout, and Boxing Bear’s gold medal–winning Chocolate Milk Stout the silky stuff you want to sip at Waffle House when wildly hungover. Hey Milk does the body good!

img_2425Let me have a cup of Joe or not
Coffee is a God sent liquid and beer too. But guess what? This year brewers are moving beyond adding coffee into roasty stouts. Georgetown Brewing’s gold medal–grabbing Gusto Crema marries a light-bodied cream ale to floral cold brew, a pairing suited for 10 a.m. or 10 p.m. (Wolf’s Ridge Clear Sky Daybreak also rocks the cream ale–coffee tune.) Post-dinner is more appropriate for Allagash Brewing’s brawny James Bean, aged in bourbon barrels and infused with cold brew from Ethiopian beans reminiscent of blackberries and blueberries. And FATE Brewing takes the IPA into another tangent with Moirai Coffee IPA, a style with serious buzz potential.

Candy Crush anyone? Nope, Kölsch Crush
Brewers constantly quest for the next beer that’ll satisfy a broader audience, both lite beer bro and double IPA snob. Enter Germany’s kölsch, an ale that’s cold-fermented like lagers, dampening fruitiness and escalating brisk refreshment. The kölsch is no newcomer, but the beer—a great running mate to salads, eggy brunch, and lighter fish—is poised for a bigger role.

Fruited Sours
A decade back, Germany’s salty-sour gose (“goes-uh”) and lemony-acidic Berliner weisse were as forgotten as Scott Baio, relics from a bygone era. But brewers revived these ancients, recasting them as tingly thirst-quenchers and best buds to ceviche, salads, and shellfish.

Perhaps inspired by fruited IPAs success, these low-alcohol sours are playing nice with the produce aisle. Ecliptic’s Zenith Grapefruit Gose and Crooked Thumb’s Florida Grapefruit Gose zestily refresh like cold showers during a heat wave. Tivoli’s Strawberry Mint Berliner is an effervescent sip of summertime on a Southern porch. Metal Monkey’s pineapple-filled Bikini Bottom takes gose on a tropical jaunt, while Blue Point’s Beach Plum Gose swims into uncharted waters with the additions of seaweed and Long Island–harvested sea salt.

This concludes the trendiest and booziest Beers for 2017. If you want to add more into this list you can do so by emailing us at

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